Verdiales in Los Ventorros

Written by Liz on July 17, 2016




Each village in Spain has their own feria. Comares being Comares we have at least six. Last night was the Los Ventorros Feria which is low key: think really, really loud music and then treble it, add cold beer and paella and hey there we are! It also involves Verdiales, our local music and dance style. The Verdiales is the juicy olive that grows around here and most people depended on that olive to put food on the table, so they don’t take it for granted. The dancing is boisterous and very distinct, no sound like it (see video). And the dancing is amazing. I tried to learn and threw out my hip. Not kidding. My hip. So yeah. I’ll stick to Abba. It does look lovely though…. Anyway, that’s why our IPA is called Verdiales. In honour of this place that has welcomed me with open arms: Comares!


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