Road Trip part 3: Thailand – Kanchanaburi. All about the food.

Written by Liz on February 1, 2016

ik singha

To be honest, for me Thailand is all about food and the lovely scenery and the food. Did I mention the food? I just thought I’d throw in that bit about the scenery because I don’t want to sound like a total glutton. But yeah. The food…. My camera roll basically looks like a menu.

Flew into Bangkok and drove down to Kanchanaburi, on the River Kwai. Yes, where there’s a bridge. It’s absolutely stunning, lush countryside, the River Kwai memorial museum is very impressive, and sad. river kwai sunrise
So how about beer? Well. There’s Singha, which is fine if you’re just looking for a cold, highly carbonated beverage, Chang, which has a whiff of battery acid to it, and Leo, which barely has any taste at all. oh, and Heineken. Nuff said. So far I’ve managed to find a grand total of one craft beer bar with a pretty interesting selection of foreign beers. Craft brewing is still in its infancy, Chiang Mai, the first legal Thai craft brewery got slammed because their weizen contained no wheat at all and met with less than glowing reviews: “Every smell was overwhelmed by the rotten and damp smell. I tried to continue drinking it to really know it, but I had to give up. The beer was clearly infected.”
So no domestic craft brews, which is a shame, but they had some Hitachino Nest. Beautiful place, shame about the miserable people working there. So basically, I’m on fruit juice. Though some of it is fermented grape.


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