Road Trip! part 2 – Shanghai’s Daga brew pub

Written by Liz on January 27, 2016

Daga Brew Pub

Stage 2 of our Road Trip: we flew from Zürich on to Shanghai, which is such a great city with loads of much more affordable craft beer options than our previous stop. Like the rather touristy Shanghai Brewery. It looks pretty naff, very American, with more TV screens than Mediamarkt and you cannot order any food if it’s not first been fried to within an inch of its life. So best to enjoy their happy hour (starts at 16.00!) and eat elsewhere. Because their own brews are surprisingly affordable – Shanghai is not a cheap place – at about 4 to 5 euros a pint. Do try the White IPA, because it’s oddly sour for an IPA but quite refreshing, and the Hangmei Amber Hefeweizen because it’s a very nice session beer.

My very favourite new craft beer place however would have to be (drum roll please): Daga brew pub! It’s next door to Boxing Cat on Fuxing road, but oh boy, it’s SO much better! They specialise in Chinese craft beer, which is cool, but they also have Jack Hammer and some rather interesting American and Belgian options. I’d never seen Karmeliet tripel on draft before. Not cheap, but they’re friendly and knowledgable and the peanuts are fresh&free! Favourite new Chinese brewer (for me) is Master Gao. Solid if uneventful IPA, none of that grassy nonsense everybody seems to be going in for. Also a new find was Chengdu Harvest Brewing. Their American wheat is pleasant and their Harvest IPA is a good session beer.
But I really developed a taste for Jack Hammer by Brewdog and somehow by the time we went home they’d completely run out…. Go figure.
BTW even though they say they’re a brew pub, they’re just a craft beer pub.
Daga, 37 Taian lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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