Road trip! Part 1: Zürich – oh dear.

Written by Liz on January 25, 2016

are we there yet

Zürich’s fancy potato beer

I think as a brewer you need to try anything and everything. I’m very lucky because I get to travel a lot and this time I’m off to Switzerland, China and Thailand. Not a bad old life!
First stop: Zürich. If there’s one thing I took away from Zürich it’s that I can’t afford Zürich. Any ideas of sticking to some kind of budget were blown straight out of the water when we came to the very hip, very well-stocked and god awfully expensive The International Bar. Run by the very knowledgable and affable Christian. His selection of beers got me very, very excited. And he had pretzels.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 09.29.23
One of the coolest was a brewing initiative from Bern called Die Alte Trammstelle. They are trying to reduce waste so they pick up all the odd sized vegg, lumpy tomatoes, potatoes that are either too big or too small, etc and try to find a use for them. Well they found a great use for odd sized potatoes: they turn ’em into beer! The beer’s a Helles, it’s called Good Kind Henry and it was surprisingly tasty. I’ll often try something because it’s a lovely and then half way through think ‘oh dear, I really shouldn’t have ordered that’, but in this case I was tempted to order another! If only they didn’t have so many exciting other beers I might just have… Biggest downside to Zürich? The cost. Hotels, food, drink, everything was very pricey indeed.
The International Bar, Luisenstrasse 7



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