Puerto de Santa Maria beer festival

Written by Liz on June 1, 2016

resten cabra festival santa maria

I have been to my fair share of beer festivals over the past few years and actually, most of them are wonderful. Bring a bunch of people who love talking about craft beer all day together and then add. actual. beer. Lots of it. What happens? Great stuff! Weird stuff! ‘Nough said. But some beer festivals are more equal than others and I will forever keep a soft spotĀ in my heart for the Puerto de Santa Maria beer festival.




beer festival santa mariaFor one thing: “we”, that is, a group of Andalusian brewers, had organised it ourselves. Which cut out some of the less charming things you get when Other People organise these events. It also meant we had to discuss EVERYTHING. My poor phone went ballistic at times with all the what’s app messages from our Beer Festival Group! But the end result was SO worth it. Picture this: medieval castle, beautiful weather, 12 craft beer brewers, lots of thirsty people. Yep. It was great, we’ll be back!

2 comments on “Puerto de Santa Maria beer festival

  1. Steve

    Drinking a cold Dulcinea right now as I type this. Wonderful beer and great brewers. We bought at the Puerto Micro-brewers Beer Festival. We can’t wait for you to come back so we can buy more. Make it a semi-annual event. I need to see you lovely people at least every 6 months.


    1. Liz

      Hi Steve, yes of course we’ll be there again, can’t wait! Cheers! Liz


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