Ode to Goat

Written by Liz on July 8, 2016


beer mats cabra azulObviously, I wouldn’t have named my brewery the Blue Goat if I didn’t love all things goat. My mum had an indestructible goat when I was a kid (get it 🙂 ?).  We just used to call him Geit (‘goat’ in Dutch). My mum would go and get the paper in the mornings and as she’d be chatting to a neighbour the goat would happily start chewing the folded newspaper under her arm. Geit went through laundry baskets, shoes and cardboard boxes at a rate of knots. Would not be contained, tamed or hindered in his pursuit of new things, exploration and most of all: the veggie patch. One day someone rang our doorbell and said: ‘Ma’am, there’s a goat in your pond’ and indeed, Geit was in the pond, floating with his little wooden pen, like he was setting out to discover a new continent. He would have made it too…  So here’s to all goats like Geit! Stubborn, unstoppable and bloody funny!

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