Comarix Mango hefeweizen: New beer, new poster!

Written by Liz on July 24, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 13.58.22Just in time before summer really kicks off here in Southern Spain I am proud to present our long awaited Comarix Mango Weizen!!!!

And with a new beer comes a new poster! Our designer Stef has done another amazing job, capturing the summery feeling of the mango and the hazy summer days spent by a lovely fresh pool wearing your fruit-hat. Gotta have a fruit hat, it’s very much The Thing out here. So do try our weizen if you can, it’s a proper hefeweizen, I took my inspiration from the years I spent trying to decide whether I preferred Schneider Weisse or Weihenstephaner in Café Hesp in Amsterdam. (I’m a Scheider Weisse girl. Mostly. So if I got to choose only one that would be it. However, there’s something about a beautiful Weihenstephaner in a proper glass, poured just right…). So yes,  my Comarix Mango Hefeweizen has clove, banana, great head, killer body, cloudy, and that lush but very subtle mango twang. At only 4.5% it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

And I am also proud to say that the bar where I learned to appreciate hefeweizens, Café Hesp, is adding MY beer to the collection in their tapas restaurant. Yep, that is so going into my ‘proudest moments of 2016’-line-up!

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