Living the Goat Life

Written by Liz on July 21, 2016

goat manEven to me it sounds a bit whacky, but artist Thomas Thwaites decided to take a break from being a human by living as a goat. And not just on a whim, he got prostetic goat legs and a fake stomach so he could eat grass. In an interview he said: “”I could then strap this bag to my torso and spit chewed up grass into one opening and suck the cultured microbes and volatile fatty acids out another opening like a milkshake, so I can digest them in my true stomach and live off grass in the Alps like a goat”. And all this for THREE days. Apparently he initially wanted to live as a dog, but couldn’t face eating all that meat, then considered elephants but found them too much like humans, i.e. sad and confused. So a goat it had to be and we can only applaud his choice! To be honest, in real life he sounds like a perfectly sensible guy, but in the video he does sound a bit of a drip. Could be from eating all that grass…? Anyway, I feel we could totally do this in Comares: take a break from your human-ness, come to Comares, live as a goat and drink beer. Not a bad old life….

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