Lazy Sunday

Written by Liz on March 13, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.06.55

Most days I’m up early and simply get to work. There’s always plenty to do when you’re running a brewery: brewing, bottling, research, and of course the endless admin that comes with running any kind of business, especially in Spain! But I think today would be an excellent day to refuse to put on pants and watch goat videos on Youtube 😉 I read this thing on Facebook about how humans are te only creatures who go to work and see work as something more than putting food on the table. The author said that he’d like to be like many animals in the tropics: get up, wander around for some food, take a long nap, wander around for some more food. Sounds good to me, I feel I definitely take this working lark waaaaay too seriously….
Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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