As long as there are goats wearing bunny ears

Written by Liz on March 22, 2016

goat rabbit ears
We of the Blue Goat were feeling a bit weepy and defeated this morning. All that sadness, death, destruction, hate. So we thought we’d google some cute goat pics for Easter. Somehow when the world seems extra ugly, I can take comfort in a cute goat wearing bunny ears. So. You know when you are sitting behind your computer and think: ‘I wonder whether anybody else has ever thought of this’. Yep. They did. Whatever it is.
goat bunny ears
My Little Pony crocheted hats? Yep, done! A taco shaped couch? You can order it online! Goats wearing bunny ears? Yes, there are loads. And how wonderful they are! Have a great day. As long as there are goats wearing bunny ears out there all is not quite as sad as it seems.

happy easter goat rabbit

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