G’day mate! Making friends in Melbourne

Written by Liz on August 12, 2016

jackie chan melbourne

Sometimes I take stock of my life and think ‘wow, I’ve got it pretty good’. Like this morning! I am in Melbourne for a bit of kangaroo-watching and beer research and this morning as I was jogging in the park there was a man walking his giant of a ram and it was just such a perfect moment: lovely crisp morning, feeling really proud of myself for going for a run – instead of spending the entire day in bed snuggled up to my jetlag – a crisp morning which felt like early October, the sun and then this man with an enormous ram on a lead. And us Blue Goats do like a bloke with some horns! Turns out this ram is a famous Melbournian called Jackie Chan. Jackie and his human companion, Godwin Aquilina, have been living in the park for a few months now to protest against being evicted from their house and the threat of being separated because Jackie has been head butting the neighbours. Godwin told me that actually the Melbourne police have been really nice about letting him and Jackie camp out in the park and that he’s waiting for spring to take a walk to Canberra. I asked him whether he thought that Jackie would make it all the way to Canberra as Jackie’s not exactly a young lamb anymore, but Godwin said that he felt that would be the perfect way to go for a proud old ram: on the road! As I chatted with Godwin, Jackie was happily mowing the park lawn and taking selfies with passers by. He even has his very own Facebook page. I think I really like Melbourne.

jackie chan tent melbourne

2 comments on “G’day mate! Making friends in Melbourne

  1. Josie Baynes

    Hey Liz!

    Great Blog 🙂 – Jackie Chan is the best thing about Melbourne CBD!

    Random one, I am a documentary filmmaker, and I am actually trying to get in contact with Godwin myself, to see if I can do a piece on him. You didn’t take down any contact details when you spoke to him did you? Or know of any way could try and find him?

    Thanks so much!!


    1. Liz

      Hi Josie,

      I’m afraid I didn’t get any personal details BUT I do have his facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Savejackiechantheram/?fref=nf) have you tried that yet? Do let us know if you make the documentary, the walk to Canberra would be epic… Good luck! Liz


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