Festival time!

Written by Liz on September 4, 2016

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The Blue Goat is hitting the road again! We are off to the Netherlands for no fewer than two beer events and a LOT of R&D. Lots of R&D…. Bar Brecht, get your Oude Gueuze at the ready, there’s one thirsty Cabra coming your way and it’s my birthday week so none of that sensible “Oh I’ll just have one”-nonsense!

This Friday the 9th of September – my actual birthday btw, so expect free tapas! – we’ll pitch our tap at the Biologische Markt in lovely old Voorburg (there are sheep grazing around the cute little church. I love Voorburg!) The Market is from 10.00 until 18.00.

Saturday there will be extensive exploring of the Amsterdam craft beer scene, including Tap Zuid, which I have been hearing great stuff about but we will be all over Amsterdam Noord as well. If the weather holds out, there will be a BOAT. Yay!


And this Sunday the 11th we will be at Biereloth Festival in Boxtel! Put your drinking hats on for that one as 14 small Dutch breweries and us Boquerones will be serving up our finest ales! Starts at 13.00 and lasts until 19.00.

Hope to see you there and Salud!

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