Brew Dogs

Written by Liz on July 16, 2016

alfie beer

I absolutely love dogs. All dogs. I’ve got four, so there are days I love my own pack slightly less, but basically anyone who adopts a rescue dog is all right by me. You’d think four dogs would be plenty, but sometimes I meet a new dog I’d just like to take home with me. Like Alfie who’s such a happy, adorable creature! Luckily he already has an owner, polar explorer Antony Jilman and I don’t think Antony’d look too kindly on me taking his dog. And having survived Antartica AND the North Pole, Antony probably knows fifty ways to kill me with a spoon, so best not get into his bad books. It was good fun sharing a pint with Alfie though, he knows his fine ales. He felt the toffee notes in this pint of Rev. James fine ale were just right. Lovely and refreshing. Then he went off in search of his imaginary ball.

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