Short brewery tour – with Chinese subs!

La Cabra Azul has been selling really well in China so we have been making a series of videos to show where the beer comes from and the inspiration behind it. Enjoy!

Hitting our gravity on Lluvia Azul!

Happy days, fermentation trotting along very nicely on our new Lluvia Azul NEIPA. The New England iPA style is described by words such as juicy and tropical because the of the type of hops used and the dryhop schedules used. The result is a delicious hazy concoction perfect for summer! Or anytime really…. Using hops […]

The Geography of beer

Exploring the geographies of beer, wine and distilled spirits may be one (quirky) way to promote geographic literacy, by uncovering the hidden geographies in the ordinary and taboo, and connecting the “where” to a given drink.

Game of Thrones Ale?

Apparently, Game of Thrones is coming to Andalucía! That would be wonderful especially if they came to my village. They totally should as it is one of the, if not THE, prettiest places on the planet. AND we have the beer…. I could brew a special beer, call it Winter’s Coming Ale. Dream of Sean […]

The new Verdiales IPA

Sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words… especially a GIF! This pretty much sums up how great our new Verdiales IPA is. Yum. Cheers!   via GIPHY

Brewing Day!!!

Oh it’s been an exciting time! Getting together with the guys at Debla to brew my new Dark Ale, called Dulcinea (I love how that just trips off my tongue: Dulcinea Dark Ale!) took a while, as we’re all busy, busy, busy and then they didn’t have my malt and then there was a sudden […]