Game of Thrones Ale?

Apparently, Game of Thrones is coming to Andalucía! That would be wonderful especially if they came to my village. They totally should as it is one of the, if not THE, prettiest places on the planet. AND we have the beer…. I could brew a special beer, call it Winter’s Coming Ale. Dream of Sean […]

Two new wonderful places to try our beer!

I love it when a plan comes together! This Día de Andalucia weekend two more lovely places have joined our quest for World Domination! In the Montes de Málaga, the famous Venta Galwey: it used to be a coaching inn, as far back as 1884. Imagine that… They have roaring fires and solid Spanish dishes […]

Why Keykegs suck

I do love a good rant. And as I am going through seven layers of HELL with my new keykegs I was so happy to find other people who also hate keykegs! We can start a little group, drink Keykeg-free gin tonics and throw things at their stupid plastic shapes. Water for instance as that […]

Harvest time!

One of our most popular craft ales is Dulcinea Dark Ale, brewed with almond blossoms picked from the slopes of the Montes de Málaga. So today was harvest time. Quite relaxing actually 🙂 And please note my matching nails. Brewing: it’s all about the details!

Viva Madrid!

Yay, the Blue Goat is off to Madrid to spread lots and lots of Goaty Goodness…. via GIPHY

In El Diario Sur!

We made the paper again, the Diario Sur recommends a trip to Comares because it’s such a great place to eat and you should try all our local dishes like gazpachuelo (and you should, it’s delicious) and grab the chance to try the local craft beers by “the charismatic Dutch breweress” who uses all kinds of […]

Brewer Liz Luyben on TV!

I was recently interviewed on Mijas TV! Feeling rather proud…. Interview starts at 22 minutes, you have to click ‘descargar’and then ‘descargar como’. Let me know what you think?