Interview on MArbella Radio!

I was interviewed about my brewery on Emma de Acedo’s Lifestyle Program on RTV MArbella! My interview starts around minute 25, click here  

National Geographic Beer Atlas

I know people rag on Facebook, but actually I have made friends I would never have metĀ if it wasn’t for Facebook. Friends I share niche interests with, like medieval castles, unicorn onesies, Eleanor of Aquitaine, straw bale gardening, funny goat pictures, Jane Austen, and of course: BEER! I talk to Han Hidalgo about Beer Cuisine, […]

We made the paper!

Yay, we love getting our name in the paper! Piece about the Biereloth beer festival this weekend in Boxtel, looking forward to it!

Dit weekend: Bier Feest in Torremolinos!

Feest feest feest – Bier feest nog wel! Artisanaal bier begint ook in Zuid-Spanje eindelijk voet aan de grond te krijgen en de organisatoren van het eerste Torremolinos Beerfest pakken dan ook flink uit: maar liefst 40 verschillende bierbrouwers vanuit heel Spanje komen hun beste brouwsels, hun meest schuimige creaties, hun koudste gouden rakkers presenteren. […]

Blue Goat Mural!

Ever since we started work on the new brewery earlier this year I’ve been ogling those pristine white walls thinking that they needed something… something bold, something blue, something goaty, something ewe…. And as luck would have it a friend of a friend of a friend happened to be a world renowned graffiti artist and […]

Puerto de Santa Maria beer festival

I have been to my fair share of beer festivals over the past few years and actually, most of them are wonderful. Bring a bunch of people who love talking about craft beer all day together and then add. actual. beer. Lots of it. What happens? Great stuff! Weird stuff! ‘Nough said. But some beer […]

Don’t mention the Triffids

Years ago my mum and me spent a night in Helsinki on our way to see Santa Claus on the arctic cicle. We road snow mobiles and reindeer sleighs. Helsinki was such a cool place, with vodka and blinis and Finnish design everywhere. So when I found out we’d have to spend the night in […]

As long as there are goats wearing bunny ears

We of the Blue Goat were feeling a bit weepy and defeated this morning. All that sadness, death, destruction, hate. So we thought we’d google some cute goat pics for Easter. Somehow when the world seems extra ugly, I can take comfort in a cute goat wearing bunny ears. So. You know when you are […]

Label collectors

I never realised how many label collectors are out there! I get several requests a week for beer labels, and I try to keep on top of them! So If you are a collector and you want some labels, send me a pre stamped envelope addressed to yourself and I’ll get on it!