Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh on Ukulele

As a brewer I like to get up close and personal with my beers and my new Un Rayo de Sol Almond Blossom Session IPA is probably one of my most personal beers so far. It’s light, hoppy with a sour kick. It’s perfection in a bottle. And named for one of my favourite Spanish […]

New Poster for Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh!!

Very very happy with the new poster designed by the lovely and very talented Lena! I love how she has created the rain and the Batman – like sun beam. Great poster for a great beer!

Beer shirt week, part 2

How is this a beer shirt? I will tell you! Because I had it made especially as it has some very cute blue goats on it. So yay #beershirtweek

Beer Shirt Week part 1

Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Beer Shirt Week! And here are two of my favourite people, wearing their shirts very, very well!

Stout recipe: Chocky Chocky Banana Biscotti

So much you can do with my beer, apart from drinking it! (though I applaud that too!) Like bake cookies! So here’s my recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal Stout & banana biscotti. Here’s the recipe, adapted from Easy as Pie 400 grams of wheat flour – sifted 120 grams of sugar 2 tablespoons of honey (I […]

Brewing my first sour!

Give me an Oude Gueuze or give me Death! I love a good sour. Obviously, I wanted to try my hand at it. So I read up. Asked around. Read some more. Listened to podcasts. Read The Book by Michael Tonsmeire (GREAT book btw and what a lovely man, taking time out to answer all my […]

National Geographic Beer Atlas

I know people rag on Facebook, but actually I have made friends I would never have met if it wasn’t for Facebook. Friends I share niche interests with, like medieval castles, unicorn onesies, Eleanor of Aquitaine, straw bale gardening, funny goat pictures, Jane Austen, and of course: BEER! I talk to Han Hidalgo about Beer Cuisine, […]

Fem.Ale: an entire festival for brewsters!

Everybody needs a tribe, and this is mine! Lady-brewers from all over the world, but mostly the UK will gather in Brighton this May and La Cabra Azul will be there with some very proud bells on! Now let’s see, what shall we wear…

La Cabra Malagueña: Sunday the 12th of March, Torre del Mar

It’ll be the 6th time for this festival, celebrating the wide variety of cheeses, wines and craft beers produced in the Málaga area, is held in Torre del Mar. (yes, this is an old poster, guess they were too busy trying all that gorgeous beer and cheese to bother making a new one yet!) So […]