Lluvia Azul

While the wind and rain are howling outside inside I can hear the sweet bubbling of my airlock! I had a very happy brewday trying out different versions of our summer beer, a NEIPA the very tropical and hazy Lluvia Azul, Blue Rain. NEIPA, New England IPA’s, have a very different hopping schedule to a […]

Beer presentation in China

I had such a wonderful time in Hangzhou presenting my beer to new Chinese clients! I was forgiven for my less-than-perfect Chinese, interesting questions, great food and fab people.

Interview on MArbella Radio!

I was interviewed about my brewery on Emma de Acedo’s Lifestyle Program on RTV MArbella! My interview starts around minute 25, click here  

Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh on Ukulele

As a brewer I like to get up close and personal with my beers and my new Un Rayo de Sol Almond Blossom Session IPA is probably one of my most personal beers so far. It’s light, hoppy with a sour kick. It’s perfection in a bottle. And named for one of my favourite Spanish […]

New Poster for Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh!!

Very very happy with the new poster designed by the lovely and very talented Lena! I love how she has created the rain and the Batman – like sun beam. Great poster for a great beer!

Brew Day: un rayo de sol, oh, oh, oh

Brewing my new Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh Session IPA! It’s going to be wonderful: low in alcohol, with mosaic and citra and almond blossom!

Beer shirt week, part 2

How is this a beer shirt? I will tell you! Because I had it made especially as it has some very cute blue goats on it. So yay #beershirtweek

Beer Shirt Week part 1

Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Beer Shirt Week! And here are two of my favourite people, wearing their shirts very, very well!

BBF 2017!

BBF 2017! I always thought I’d enjoy being there and hey ho: I thoroughly did! Met a lot of great people, tried a LOT of new beers, what a great weekend! Best moment? Watching the enormous queue for my beer. Hearing people chatter around me “oh look La Cabra Azul, I really want to try […]