Burning beer….

Written by Liz on October 17, 2016


I’ve been wandering around Hongkong for a bit now and one of the things I noticed was the shops selling paper versions of basically anything. Especially shoes. Paper shoes… Where would you wear those? Well, heaven apparently! You are supposed to burn the paper shoes, or airplanes, or big flashy sport cars, so your ancestors can live in splendour. All the shoes are Louis Vuitton, the watches are blingy gold, the shiny cars have drivers. You’d think they’d have driverless cars in heaven, wouldn’t you? Hm, probably a regulation thing…
I was thinking what my gran would like. It’s fantasy shopping for the deceased. Would my gran like whiskey, a huge house, a race track? Nah. Shoes, and a comfy chair. Luckily, they also sell paper cans of beer. They’ll be nice and cold by the time I get there.

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