Brew Cats

Written by Liz on July 21, 2016

jonesy beerApart from four dogs, two chickens and a husband I also share my life with two cats. I never considered myself a cat person, until I met Jonesy the Tabby. He was tiny, he needed a home, what could I do? And then my husband wanted a black cat as a wedding present. Yeah, I’m not sure what that was all about either, but I got to wear a pretty dress and he hasn’t tried to sacrifice the little beast yet so I guess it’ll be okay. Now we have Jonesy and Cthulhu. Jonesy is all sweetness and light, responds to his name, all cuddly, dainty and polite. Cthulhu on the other hand is Pure Evil. Chews his way through window screens, chairs, books. Eats like a fiend. Kills anything cute. Howls when he doesn’t get his way. And sleeps on my head if I’ve been away because he misses me. Bless. So to make up for all the mayhem and cat food expenses I use them as beer models from time to time. They do very well! Cthulhu ipa Chtulhu Dulcinea

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