Dulcinea Almond Blossom Dark Ale

Beer Details
  • ABV: 3.8
  • IBU: 12
  • OG: 1.046
  • FG: 1.020
  • Color: 24
  • Grains: Pale, Caramel, Roasted Barley, Oat Flake
  • Yeast: American Ale
  • Hops: East Kent Goldings, Northdown

Our English Dark Ale. A little malty, slightly sweet, dark, made with three different types of malt, three varieties of hops and a hint of almond blossom. The taste of an Andalusian night…


One comment on “Dulcinea Almond Blossom Dark Ale

  1. Ali

    This is an excellent and I like it very much. Only thing is that this hieobrewmng is not really that basic since basic really means just kits and nothing else. This is an intermediate level already. It would be really nice there is some part on the bottling too!Great job there. I have posted the video on my site for my readers.


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