Our beers

  • Verdiales IPA

    • ABV: 4.5
    • IBU: 78
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.020
    • Color: Black
    • Grains: Pale, Caramel, Roasted Barley, Oat Flake
    • Yeast: American Ale
    • Hops: Cascade, Nugget

    Our India Pale Ale, a lovely, outspoken blend of Nugget & Cascade. India Pale Ales were brewed for the British troops in India. When they shipped the barrels of ale from Britain they’d add a lot more hops to the mix to stop the barrels from going off. The style caught on and was revived in the US when craft brewing came back in fashion. It’s hoppy and quite bitter. Perfect for a sunny day!

  • Chocky Chocky Goat Oat – Chocolate oatmeal stout

    • ABV: 5.6
    • IBU: 34
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.020
    • Color: Black
    • Grains: Roasted Barley
    • Yeast: American Ale
    • Hops: East Kent

    Chocky Chocky Goat Oat, Nuestra Oatmeal Stout, con avena y chocolate orgánico. Un sueño cremoso y rico , una nunca es suficiente…. Our delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Brewed with Spanish hops from Léon, organic cocoa and oatmeal flakes for a creamy, deliciously rich ale. One is never enough. Try it with dark chocolate for a […]

  • Comarix Hefeweizen – Mango wheat beer

    • ABV: 4.5%
    • IBU: 10
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.012
    • Color: 3
    • Grains: Pale ale, wheat
    • Yeast: German weizen
    • Hops: Tettnanger

    Our Mango Hefeweizen, cloudy wheat beer, was named for the place where it all began: the beautiful village of Comares in the Montes de Málaga. In Latin Comares is called Hins Comarix which roughly translates to ‘castle in the sky’. What a perfect name for a light, refreshing wheat beer! Comarix is a proper hefeweizen, […]

  • Un Rayo de Sol oh, oh, oh Almond Blossom Session IPA

    Lovely light beer, only 4% acl. but packing all the layers and complexity that I look for in a beer. Lovely citrus from mosaic and citra hops, sweetly scented almond blossom and a little sour kick. Sunny perfection!