presenting our new Emperador Yu Lemon Saison

As beer styles go the Saison is a bit of a blank canvas. Originally from Flanders, brewed for the farmhands working the fields, it’s a low alcohol, well-balanced brew. It used to be brewed in the colder months, No heavy hops, no overbearing malts, just a nice balance between the two, fruity, spicy, highly carbonated […]

These boots are made for brewing….

Being a girl brewer has its advantages. I may not have the beard or the tattoos, or the physical strength, of some of my boy brewer brethren, but I do get some very cool swag. Bavarian inspired dirndls, Spanish flamenco dresses, my Goat Head necklace… And of course, the boots! We all love the boots. […]


We had a fabulous brew day, creating some fab craft ales including our Lemon & Ginger Saison, our Brut IPA and our Lluvia Azul NEIPA.  Watch this space for the new label art!

Beer can help you learn a new language!

Ever noticed how you seem to be just a little more fluent once you’ve had a few beers? Well, wonder no more, according to Dutch research it’s backed up by science! 

Short brewery tour – with Chinese subs!

La Cabra Azul has been selling really well in China so we have been making a series of videos to show where the beer comes from and the inspiration behind it. Enjoy!

Hitting our gravity on Lluvia Azul!

Happy days, fermentation trotting along very nicely on our new Lluvia Azul NEIPA. The New England iPA style is described by words such as juicy and tropical because the of the type of hops used and the dryhop schedules used. The result is a delicious hazy concoction perfect for summer! Or anytime really…. Using hops […]

Lluvia Azul

While the wind and rain are howling outside inside I can hear the sweet bubbling of my airlock! I had a very happy brewday trying out different versions of our summer beer, a NEIPA the very tropical and hazy Lluvia Azul, Blue Rain. NEIPA, New England IPA’s, have a very different hopping schedule to a […]

Beer presentation in China

I had such a wonderful time in Hangzhou presenting my beer to new Chinese clients! I was forgiven for my less-than-perfect Chinese, interesting questions, great food and fab people.