The Geography of beer

Exploring the geographies of beer, wine and distilled spirits may be one (quirky) way to promote geographic literacy, by uncovering the hidden geographies in the ordinary and taboo, and connecting the “where” to a given drink.

National Geographic Beer Atlas

I know people rag on Facebook, but actually I have made friends I would never have met if it wasn’t for Facebook. Friends I share niche interests with, like medieval castles, unicorn onesies, Eleanor of Aquitaine, straw bale gardening, funny goat pictures, Jane Austen, and of course: BEER! I talk to Han Hidalgo about Beer Cuisine, […]

Fem.Ale: an entire festival for brewsters!

Everybody needs a tribe, and this is mine! Lady-brewers from all over the world, but mostly the UK will gather in Brighton this May and La Cabra Azul will be there with some very proud bells on! Now let’s see, what shall we wear…

La Cabra Malagueña: Sunday the 12th of March, Torre del Mar

It’ll be the 6th time for this festival, celebrating the wide variety of cheeses, wines and craft beers produced in the Málaga area, is held in Torre del Mar. (yes, this is an old poster, guess they were too busy trying all that gorgeous beer and cheese to bother making a new one yet!) So […]

Cambodian Craft Beer: a way to go.

I was lucky enough to travel through Cambodia the past two weeks. Wow. Impressive! Apart from S21, the Killing Fields & Angkor Wat, which were all life events, I got to kayak through the jungle, see monkeys, sleep in a tree house… Yeah, it was GOOD. But of course I also had to try the local beer! […]