Burning beer….

I’ve been wandering around Hongkong for a bit now and one of the things I noticed was the shops selling paper versions of basically anything. Especially shoes. Paper shoes… Where would you wear those? Well, heaven apparently! You are supposed to burn the paper shoes, or airplanes, or big flashy sport cars, so your ancestors […]

We are so collectable…

It’s always nice when people like our designs and over the past years we have been absolutely inundated with requests for bottle caps and beer mats and labels… Like Josep from Barcelona who collects bottle caps. He ordered a couple of beers, we threw in some extra bottle caps – because we’re nice like that […]

Happy Beer trails: Brewpub No. 18 in Wuhan

Back in Shanghai for a bit and I felt it was time to take a closer look at all the Chinese craft beers I’ve been trying. Yes there have been quite a few, the good, the bad and the what-were-they-thinking?! One of my favourites is a small brewpub in the giant city of Wuhan. Never […]