Málaga Feria 2016

  If you’re still wondering whether or not to go to the Málaga feria: just do it! It’s so much fun, worth it just for people watching, but there’s so much more to the feria. Pics heavily borrowed from Dit is Málaga I just thought they were SO pretty… Oh and while you’re down there: […]

G’day mate! Making friends in Melbourne

Sometimes I take stock of my life and think ‘wow, I’ve got it pretty good’. Like this morning! I am in Melbourne for a bit of kangaroo-watching and beer research and this morning as I was jogging in the park there was a man walking his giant of a ram and it was just such a perfect […]

Works of Art

I do like playing around with pictures, I remember when the first apps came out where you could change the filter, I had a ball! And now there’s Prisma and I have spent a lot of time to day converting my pictures into Works of Art. Yay!

Whatever floats your goat…

It’s August, it’s hot, and us goats like to keep cool…. Like Fred the Floating Goat! So today just relax, have a nice cold Cabra. Whatever it is, it’ll keep. Look at that goat: is he worrying about his mortgage? Or about whether his butt looks big? Nope, he wants to float. Be that goat. […]

Chili and beer: Cabra Azul at Jimmy Bean’s!

As a non-meat eater I eat a lot of beans. Seriously, a LOT of beans. So a place called Jimmy Bean’s that does an amazing veggie chili is right up my alley! And yes, they also serve my lovely beer, and what goes well with chili? A nice Verdiales IPA, that’s what! Run by cheerful couple Jimmy […]

Arte y Sano in San Pedro

Another wonderful festival weekend in San Pedro de Alcantára! I’d never been to San Pedro before and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the festival was a lovely laid-back affair, right on the beach. So yeah, as offices go, that wasn’t half bad… There was music, some great food, including our friends La Leshe […]