666 or one hell of a goat!

666 likes on Facebook today, yay, which is one of those Special Numbers and made me think of the devil. I was in an antique tile shop in Portugal recently and this guy who ran it said he didn’t like my Cabra Azul boots (wut?) because they had ‘the Devil’s Sign’ on it. Apart from […]


I’m always slightly puzzled when I meet a brewer who doesn’t love trying new beers. And old beers. Any old beers really! Research is one of my favorite parts of the brewing process. And I take research very, very seriously…. So here are some of the recent brews I tried. Did I like all of them? […]

Comarix Mango hefeweizen: New beer, new poster!

Just in time before summer really kicks off here in Southern Spain I am proud to present our long awaited Comarix Mango Weizen!!!! And with a new beer comes a new poster! Our designer Stef has done another amazing job, capturing the summery feeling of the mango and the hazy summer days spent by a […]

Brew Cats

Apart from four dogs, two chickens and a husband I also share my life with two cats. I never considered myself a cat person, until I met Jonesy the Tabby. He was tiny, he needed a home, what could I do? And then my husband wanted a black cat as a wedding present. Yeah, I’m […]

Living the Goat Life

Even to me it sounds a bit whacky, but artist Thomas Thwaites decided to take a break from being a human by living as a goat. And not just on a whim, he got prostetic goat legs and a fake stomach so he could eat grass. In an interview he said: “”I could then strap […]

For sale online in Spain!

As off today we are for sale online at a new Spanish online specialty shop, www.iovin.es, run by the lovely Beatriz!  So go on, shop till you drop apparently there’s a heatwave on its way!

Verdiales in Los Ventorros

      Each village in Spain has their own feria. Comares being Comares we have at least six. Last night was the Los Ventorros Feria which is low key: think really, really loud music and then treble it, add cold beer and paella and hey there we are! It also involves Verdiales, our local […]

Brew Dogs

I absolutely love dogs. All dogs. I’ve got four, so there are days I love my own pack slightly less, but basically anyone who adopts a rescue dog is all right by me. You’d think four dogs would be plenty, but sometimes I meet a new dog I’d just like to take home with me. Like Alfie […]

The Roof, part 2

Luckily my brewery is starting to look less like an abandoned flop house for down-on-their-luck Barbie dolls to shoot up in and more like a proper building again! The roof’s going on next week, and that’s an impressive slab of concrete . Apparently there’s an out-of-control Chinese space ship hurtling towards earth, I bet this would […]

Wedding Beer

At La Cabra Azul, we do enjoy a good wedding. So we were thrilled to be invited to provide the beer for THE social event of the season: the wedding between my lovely friends Myrthe Kusse and Sander van Leuven. Let love rule! (and our beer is still available at KHL in Amsterdam if you’d like […]