Biermatinée Oisterwijk 3rd of July

My first Dutch beer festival is a really cool one: one of the oldest special beer societies of the Netherlands is having their anniversary beer festival! The Société des Bières Spécialesis hosting the 30th Oisterwijk Biermatinée. The Société is a group of beer enthusiasts who gather bi-weekly to talk about all sorts of special beers, […]

The roof, the roof….

We are reforming an old building to be our new brewery and actually work is ticking along very nicely! So last week they started to take the roof off and next time I looked my poor brewery looked like it had been hit by a bomb… I know it will look great in a week […]

Two More Festivals!

Another day, another Beerfest! On the Costa del Sol, in the Palacio de Congresos in Torremolinos. Met a lot of new people, made some great new contacts, learned a lot, what more could I possibly ask of just one weekend?! So off again today, actually doubling up, as I’m also going to be at the […]

Dit weekend: Bier Feest in Torremolinos!

Feest feest feest – Bier feest nog wel! Artisanaal bier begint ook in Zuid-Spanje eindelijk voet aan de grond te krijgen en de organisatoren van het eerste Torremolinos Beerfest pakken dan ook flink uit: maar liefst 40 verschillende bierbrouwers vanuit heel Spanje komen hun beste brouwsels, hun meest schuimige creaties, hun koudste gouden rakkers presenteren. […]

Blue Goat Mural!

Ever since we started work on the new brewery earlier this year I’ve been ogling those pristine white walls thinking that they needed something… something bold, something blue, something goaty, something ewe…. And as luck would have it a friend of a friend of a friend happened to be a world renowned graffiti artist and […]

Puerto de Santa Maria beer festival

I have been to my fair share of beer festivals over the past few years and actually, most of them are wonderful. Bring a bunch of people who love talking about craft beer all day together and then add. actual. beer. Lots of it. What happens? Great stuff! Weird stuff! ‘Nough said. But some beer […]