Don’t mention the Triffids

Years ago my mum and me spent a night in Helsinki on our way to see Santa Claus on the arctic cicle. We road snow mobiles and reindeer sleighs. Helsinki was such a cool place, with vodka and blinis and Finnish design everywhere. So when I found out we’d have to spend the night in […]

As long as there are goats wearing bunny ears

We of the Blue Goat were feeling a bit weepy and defeated this morning. All that sadness, death, destruction, hate. So we thought we’d google some cute goat pics for Easter. Somehow when the world seems extra ugly, I can take comfort in a cute goat wearing bunny ears. So. You know when you are […]

Lazy Sunday

Most days I’m up early and simply get to work. There’s always plenty to do when you’re running a brewery: brewing, bottling, research, and of course the endless admin that comes with running any kind of business, especially in Spain! But I think today would be an excellent day to refuse to put on pants […]

Welcome to Valhalla, people of Comares!

At La Cabra Azul we are great fans of The Oatmeal! So when The Oatmeal writes about beer, we obviously pay attention. Gotta love them vikings, they believed a giant goat would provide them with an endless supply of beer…. Welcome to Valhalla people of Comares, you are welcome! (and 20 other things you may […]

Label collectors

I never realised how many label collectors are out there! I get several requests a week for beer labels, and I try to keep on top of them! So If you are a collector and you want some labels, send me a pre stamped envelope addressed to yourself and I’ll get on it!

Game of Thrones Ale?

Apparently, Game of Thrones is coming to Andalucía! That would be wonderful especially if they came to my village. They totally should as it is one of the, if not THE, prettiest places on the planet. AND we have the beer…. I could brew a special beer, call it Winter’s Coming Ale. Dream of Sean […]

Two new wonderful places to try our beer!

I love it when a plan comes together! This Día de Andalucia weekend two more lovely places have joined our quest for World Domination! In the Montes de Málaga, the famous Venta Galwey: it used to be a coaching inn, as far back as 1884. Imagine that… They have roaring fires and solid Spanish dishes […]

Why Keykegs suck

I do love a good rant. And as I am going through seven layers of HELL with my new keykegs I was so happy to find other people who also hate keykegs! We can start a little group, drink Keykeg-free gin tonics and throw things at their stupid plastic shapes. Water for instance as that […]