Harvest time!

One of our most popular craft ales is Dulcinea Dark Ale, brewed with almond blossoms picked from the slopes of the Montes de Málaga. So today was harvest time. Quite relaxing actually 🙂 And please note my matching nails. Brewing: it’s all about the details!

Viva Madrid!

Yay, the Blue Goat is off to Madrid to spread lots and lots of Goaty Goodness…. via GIPHY

Experiments: mango weizen!

There are lots of upsides to being a brewer, but my favourite part is experimenting with new brews! Especially when they turn out really delicious, as happened this time with our Mango Weizen: a light, fruity wheat beer, mildly hopped with German style hops. It’ll be ready for summer!

Road Trip Part 4: Going Home to Comares

Of course I love going home, I miss my dogs, my village, my friends, my bathtub. And being able to order my own beer. On tap! But it’s been a reaaaaally amazing trip and I’ll be kinda sorry to see it end. Oh well, this is what I look like trying to get comfortable in […]

The new Verdiales IPA

Sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words… especially a GIF! This pretty much sums up how great our new Verdiales IPA is. Yum. Cheers!   via GIPHY

Thirsty Moroccan Tree Goats

My friend Carl sent this picture of Moroccan goats, hanging out in trees. Bet they’re up there looking for our new Verdiales IPA….

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Though we obviously rather enjoyed the Year of the Goat, we’re happy to raise a nice cold Cabra Azul to welcome the year of the Monkey!

Road Trip part 3: Thailand – Kanchanaburi. All about the food.

To be honest, for me Thailand is all about food and the lovely scenery and the food. Did I mention the food? I just thought I’d throw in that bit about the scenery because I don’t want to sound like a total glutton. But yeah. The food…. My camera roll basically looks like a menu. […]