Road Trip! part 2 – Shanghai’s Daga brew pub

Daga Brew Pub Stage 2 of our Road Trip: we flew from Zürich on to Shanghai, which is such a great city with loads of much more affordable craft beer options than our previous stop. Like the rather touristy Shanghai Brewery. It looks pretty naff, very American, with more TV screens than Mediamarkt and you […]

Road trip! Part 1: Zürich – oh dear.

Zürich’s fancy potato beer I think as a brewer you need to try anything and everything. I’m very lucky because I get to travel a lot and this time I’m off to Switzerland, China and Thailand. Not a bad old life! First stop: Zürich. If there’s one thing I took away from Zürich it’s that […]

In El Diario Sur!

We made the paper again, the Diario Sur recommends a trip to Comares because it’s such a great place to eat and you should try all our local dishes like gazpachuelo (and you should, it’s delicious) and grab the chance to try the local craft beers by “the charismatic Dutch breweress” who uses all kinds of […]