How to tell whether your goat is happy

I am not the only goat lover out there, apparently there are 900 million goats on the planet (if only I could get them to all drink my beer… Hmmmmm….) and they’re getting more and more popular for their milk and their meat. That last part is probably not actually a good thing if you’re […]

Have yourself a very Cabra Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas Market Time! We’ve been to our fair share and we’ve been having a blast! This is me in full selling mode: via GIPHY Want to see us ‘live’? We’ll be at the Christmas Market in Nerja this Friday and in Los Ventorros (Comares) on Saturday! Lovely […]

Our new IPA

Part of my wonderful team: my beloved Dalmatian Locutus of Borg! He really loves the new Esquila IPA…. via GIPHY