Brewing Day!!!

Oh it’s been an exciting time! Getting together with the guys at Debla to brew my new Dark Ale, called Dulcinea (I love how that just trips off my tongue: Dulcinea Dark Ale!) took a while, as we’re all busy, busy, busy and then they didn’t have my malt and then there was a sudden […]

American Craft Beer Week

La Cabra Azul is in Florida at the moment and oh boy, are we having fun with all the craft beer on offer! We’re in the Tampa Bay area and absolutely loving Cigar City’s Jai Alai IPA. If you ever need an excuse to get a beer lover to Disney world, just tell them there […]

One Goat at a time…

Taking over the world, one Cabra at a time! La Cabra Azul is now also for sale at Viveros El Algarrobo in La ViƱuela! They do a wonderful farmers’ market each Saturday, with fresh produce, wonderful cheeses (Dutch cheeses as a matter of fact!), wonderful organic face oils, yummy bread, vegan chocolates… And now you […]